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Latest Invention: MP3 Player for Unborn Babies


B(l)aby is the latest invention in technology that will soon allow pregnant mothers to play their favorite songs to their unborn babies.

The MP3 player for babies includes a contoured belt that surrounds a mother's waist. The belt includes 3 incorporated vibration speakers that transmit sound waves into the womb.

Inside the belt there's the MP3 player along with a USB adapter. Using the latter, mothers will have the ability to download musing to B(l)aby or they may choose to record their own voice for their baby.

The developer of the MP3 player for babies is Geof Ramsay, a Canadian student who developed BLABY by taking into consideration the Mozart effect - a theory that says the music of Mozart can make a baby more intelligent.

Music vibrations are transmitted to the baby with the help of in-built speakers. Besides, the developer claims that a mother wearing the belt can also benefit from 3 small massage mechanisms.

"Scientists have talked about music being a catalyst for an unborn child's mental growth for years. This simple device just gives mothers a chance to try out that theory and also to help form a bond with their baby before they are even born," says Ramsay.

Despite the fact that an infant is not able to hear the music, while in the womb, due to amniotic fluids, it can feel the vibrations generated by sound waves.

"There is evidence to suggest that feeling the parents' voices through the singing of lullabies during pregnancy creates a deeper communicable connection with the parents after birth," said the developer of B(l)aby.

Currently this latest technological invention is in the stage of development. According to Ramsay the price for the MP3 player will be soon announced.

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