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Latest Invention: mRobo - Speaker that Transforms Into a Dancing Robot


Check out this cool speaker that not only transforms into a robot but also dances pretty nice and can even compete with humans.

It is worth mentioning that the toy is the brainchild of Tosy, a company base din Vietnam. Dubbed the mRobo, the robot boasts 2 gigabytes of memory and you can upload up to 500 songs in it.

You can store the data via USB and play it using the gadget's remote control. The machine can also stream the music into it using Bluetooth.

As soon as the music starts, you can activate the transformation mode of the speaker so it would turn into a humanoid robot that will show you some dance moves.

The invention was presented at this year's CEATEC conference in Japan. According to the firm it plans to start marketing its robot later this fall for $199.

[via The Verge]

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