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Latest Invention: Muscle Suit at Tokyo Exhibition Easily Lifts Heavy Cargo


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A wide range of robots can now be observed in Tokyo, where the International Robot Exhibition 2009 has recently opened with 192 companies along with 64 organizations from the land of the rising sun and overseas presenting their new inventions.

The exhibition takes place at the Tokyo's Ariake district and one of the most impressive machines presented there is called the "Muscle Suit," which was created by engineers from the Tokyo University of Science's Kobayashi laboratory.

The robot caught the attention of the audience after it managed to easily lift a 50-kilogram bag of rice. The new invention makes use of air pressure to contract and relax the rubber muscles. It is worth mentioning that due to the economic recession, Japanese companies decided to create robots that would be useful rather than aesthetically attracting.

The new invention of researchers from the Kobayashi laboratory could help people with physical disabilities and the elderly. In addition, the machine could be used to ease the work of factory employees.

The exhibition also presented other robots that can carry out dangerous and heavy work. One of these machines was presented by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. The company's new invention can be used to introduce toxic agricultural chemicals into the soil, which means that farmers' risk of getting sick is significantly decreased, informs The Mainichi Daily News. The MOTOMAN robot revealed by the Yaskawa Electric Corp. can quickly lay bricks with its two arms.

The robot exhibition will be opened until Sunday, November 29th.

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//1 Sep 30, 2010 05:13 PM | posted by: Hoodoo
As always, inventors initially miss the mark but practical demands will get us in the right direction. The only commercially viable robots will be wire or remote guided. These are simiple and have huge commercial potential. An example would be a wire guided robot that will do the work of three men while only controlled by one. Huge safety benefits and no hassles. This would be a practical extension of things like forklifts, etc, that are manually controlled, but more semi-autonomous features could be thrown in as wire guided or remote controlled robots could do more dangerous clerking and stocking at convenience stores.

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