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Latest Invention: Mutewatch - Timepiece with Smartphone Features


The developers of a device called Mutewatch were able to equip it with a number of features that a touchphone usually has.

However, the most interesting thing about his watch is that it has a silent, motion-sensing alarm that wakes up only the wearer of the timepiece.

The behavior of the Mutewatch somewhat resembles that of the iPhone - if you want to access its functions, such as the clock, alarm or timer, you simply have to swipe the watch and in case you want to set the alarm then simply tap the digits on its display. To deactivate the alarm you should pitch the digits.

With the help of an incorporated motion sensor the watch can regulate the strength of the alarm. The latter pulsates silently against the wearer's wrist, in response to their motions. This means that the more the user stirs, the more the watch vibrates, softly waking you up.

Watch the video below to get a better understanding of how the Mutewatch works.

The device is available in red, white, or gray colors and wears a price tag of $259.

[via Mutewatch]

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