Tuesday, 20 Oct, 2009 Technology

Latest Invention: Nanotechnology to Help Create Self-cleaning Solar Panels


The latest invention from scientists of Tel Aviv University could lead to the creation of highly-efficient solar cells. Scientists consider that their latest research in the field of nanotechnology could help develop a completely new type of glass and solar panels that won't require cleaning.

The arrays of self-assembling protein nanotubes, developed by the team of researchers led by Prof. Ehud Gazit of the university's department of molecular microbiology and biotechnology, can have a wide range of uses, for instance the construction of self-cleaning skyscrapers covered with special glass.

It is worth mentioning that this latest invention is hydrophobic, thus it repels water and small dust particles, informs The Jerusalem Post. In case it is applied in the development of solar panels, the latter could significantly increase their efficiency.

The invention could also help develop super-capacitors, thus researchers will be able to create rechargeable electric batteries able to store the amounts of power that would be much larger compared to conventional batteries. The latest technology will make it possible for the capacitors to discharge power quickly, which is a great advantage for the development of electric cars - a quick release of power means that an electric vehicle will have a faster acceleration.

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