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Latest Invention: New App for Smartphones to Help Spot Malaria


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Cy Khormaee, a Harvard Business School student together with a company called Lifelens managed to come up with a new application for smartphones. The system plays the role of a diagnostic instrument for malaria.

The team developed both hardware and software for the application that is based on Windows Mobile Phone 7. The former comes with a microscope lens that the user can attach to the back of a smartphone running Windows 7. The latter is based on Silverlight, an application framework created by Microsoft. The Silverlight is able to read the blood sample that is placed on the lens, similar to a traditional microscope.

It would be interesting to note that the system is rather easy to use. The user only has to place one small blood sample on the lens and then launch the application. The latter automatically magnifies the sample for a better analysis.

By accurately analyzing the blood sample it would be easy to distinguish the blood sample of a healthy person and that of the person infected with malaria. The built-in software can also examine the blood sample computationally, reports Bostinnovation.

According to the Lifelens team, the new application was developed with the goal of helping people in the sub-Saharan Africa and other regions perform accurate tests for malaria.

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