Friday, 26 Mar, 2010 Technology

Latest Invention: New Flexible Displays from HP to Be Available in 3 Years


Researchers from the Flexible Display Center, at Arizona State University, look forward to develop and begin trials of their flexible display in about three years. They hope that in the near future their latest invention will be widely used in cell phones, e-readers and tablets.

According to HP's CTO, Phil McKinney, the flexible display is not meant to be rolled up - it will break down just after being rolled just six times.

It is worth mentioning that the flexible display is printed on flexible plastic pieces of Mylar material and it would only be possible to roll it during the manufacturing process so the material would ultimately be unrolled by the customer. The making of such displays in the form of rolls would make the whole production process less costly, informs

According to HP, by making use of its latest invention it would be possible to create more lightweight and compact devices. The first product is expected to appear in about 2 years, while the mass production is to start in 2013.

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