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Latest Invention: New-Gen Transparent Sound-Absorbing Curtains


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People use heavy curtains in order to avoid noise pollution.

With this in mid Swiss researchers at Empa, research and services institution for material sciences and technology development, teamed up textile designer Annette Douglas and Weisbrod-Zurrer AG to create lightweight, see-through curtains that are 5 times more efficient at absorbing sound waves than other curtains available today.

It is worth mentioning that Annette Douglas is the author of the idea. She is also the one who received the 2005 Swiss Textile Design award for acoustic walls designed for open-plan offices.

She decided to bring her ideas to Empa researchers and they came up with mathematical models of a fabric.

Afterwards Weisbrod-Zurrer silk weavers came into action by creating various samples that were tested in order to increase the acoustic properties of the textile.

Douglas then turned the findings into weaving techniques. She integrated the flammability and translucent features and Weisbrod-Zurrer then improved the manufacturing process to make sure that the curtains have the necessary acoustic attributes.

Kurt Eggenschwiler, Head of Empa's Acoustics/Noise Control Division said: "The new curtain genuinely absorbs sound, noticeably improving the room acoustics - and its design is also very high quality."

[via Weisbrod-Zurrer AG and Empa]

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