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Latest Invention: New Li-ion Storage Battery for House Use from Panasonic


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After Panasonic managed to buy over 50 percent shares of Sanyo, one of its main goals became to start marketing lithium-ion storage cell that would be used at home. It is worth mentioning that the tech giant has already carried out trials of its new storage battery for home use.

Panasonic's latest invention is able to collect enough energy to power your home for a whole week. The new storage battery will gather surplus of renewable energy and then use this electricity to power a house when power is not being produced. The company's latest invention is expected to hit the stores in 2011, informs

Today Panasonic is the second-largest tech company in the land of the rising sun, with its main rival being Hitachi, Ltd. The company's combined sales are expected to hit the 8.66 trillion yen mark by the end of the business year, which ends in March.

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