Thursday, 15 Jul, 2010 Technology

Latest Invention: New Robotic Exoskeleton to Be Launched in New Zealand


The latest invention brought by researchers from New Zealand is a set of bionic legs. It is worth mentioning that the concept, dubbed Rexexoskeleton, has been in the development stage for about seven years.

The device can support the full weight of its user. It can be used by paraplegics, allowing the user to move around in a bipedal-like way.

The person can control the Rexexoskeleton using a joystick and control pad. This robotic exoskeleton offers a simple way for handicapped people to self-transfer in and out.

Probably the most important thing is that this concept will hit the market in New Zealand this year. The international launch is expected to take place in 2011, reports NZHerald.

However, there is a major drawback of this invention - it is costly. The person wishing to buy the Rex will have to pay $150,000.

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