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Latest Invention: Olly - Gadget that Gives Your Tweets and Emails Fragrant Smells


A group of British researchers has come up with Olly, a device that transforms the pings and tweets and likes of the Internet into aromatic smells. But wait, there's more: the user can actually control those smells.

Ben Redford, Chris Thomas, Tim Pryde, and Genis Carreras, all from Foundry at Mint Digital, a design research group, are the ones behind Olly. Their invention looks like a simple white box that functions like a mix between a Glade PlugIn and a personal notification system.

Here's how it works: the user fills the gadget with various essential oils and then activates it. The gadget then listens to particular events that take place online, be it emails pings or Facebook updates. These actions turn on the device's hardware, releasing an odor into the air. Thus user can make their tweets smell like orange, for example.

One has also the possibility to acquire several Ollies and each will pair one type of notification with one aroma. Thus the user will have one odor for Twitter, another for Facebook and the third one for email.

According to Mint Foundry's Ben Redford, the company plans to launch its product onto the market by Christmas. Currently there has been no word on pricing. The users can visit Mint Foundry's website for updates.

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