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Latest Invention: Olympus Microscope Equipped with Touchscreen Monitor


Recently Olympus has presented the world's first device that combines a microscope and a touchscreen monitor.

The user can simply place a sample on the stage of the microscope and then perform various operations using the touchscreen. It is possible to do focusing, magnification and centering alteration, measurement, analysis and report generation.

This device considerably eases the whole process of using a microscope. In addition, using a touchscreen monitor allows the user to make even more accurate estimations.

One interesting feature of a device from the DSX Series is called Multi-Preview. It takes picture of the sample automatically, under different conditions, making it possible for the use to select the observation method that they consider to be the most suitable. Thus it is possible to get an optimal photograph of the sample with ease.

All photographs are stored on the device and the user can view them by accessing the gallery.

The electric standard DSX500 apparatus and the electric invert model DSX500i device, allow the use to perform accurate XY magnification, and repeatability. These devices from Olympus produce clear pictures, without any distortion.

High image quality has been achieved with the help of the company's optical technology. According to the company, the calibration is linked to Japan's traceability system, which means that the accuracy of magnification is guaranteed.

At the moment such devices are available in Japan and in some other Asian countries, but the company looks forward to launching them onto the Europe and American markets.

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