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Latest Invention: pCubee Provides 3D Experience Without Special Glasses


If you like this invention you can vote for it hereCreated by engineers from the Human Communication Technologies Laboratory at the University of British Columbia in Canada, the pCubee offers 3D experience without the need of wearing special glasses.

The latest invention from Canadian scientists features 5 LCD screens arranged in the form of a cubic "fish tank" box which one can turn or shake to observe the 3D content. It is also possible to use the cube to play games that involve different virtual objects that appear to be inside the "glass" box.

In order to provide 3D content, pCubee makes use of motion parallax principle, which is a depth cue that results from our motion - the position of objects in our view is related to their distance from us, meaning that closer objects seem to move faster than objects we see in the distance.

One can use this latest invention to see a static 3D scene or move the box to surf through the scene or play with different objects "inside". It is also possible to manipulate objects by making use of a stylus (watch the video below).

The team, led by, Sidney Fels, hopes that their latest invention will be commercially available in the near future. Currently engineers are working on the design of the box and are considering replacing the LCD panels with OLED screens. In addition, researchers are creating pCubees of different sizes for various applications. Additional information is available here.

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