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Latest Invention: Pedal-Powered Yellow Submarine


Engineers from France managed to come up with a pedal-boat submarine. Their latest invention was unveiled on the French Riviera, where researchers mentioned the name of the submarine, which is "the Scubster".

The yellow submarine is 3.5-meter long and can be used by only one person. It is powered by twin propellers that are linked to a pedal belt.

It is worth mentioning that the Scubster can reach speeds of 5mph (8kph). The maximum speed can be achieved if the pilot is in good shape. The mini-submarine can also reach depths of 200 feet (six meters).

"I've been up in the air by pedaling, underwater with my bike and now underwater with a submarine," said Stephane Rousson, the person who invented the Scubster.

Engineers have already tested the submarine. They carried out a one hour test under water in the Mediterranean Sea off the Cote d'Azur. The boat was fully controlled by hand or pedal. The person who controls the vessel breathes with the help if a mask and a bottle of oxygen, reports DailyMail.

It is yet unclear whether the mini-submarine will be commercially available. However, according to Rousson, his latest invention has good chances of catching the attention of a developing high-end market of yacht owners with "pocket submarines".

Rousson said that in case the device does not go commercial, he will use it to take part in the 2011 International submarine race that will take place in the United States.

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