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Latest Invention: Pen that Reduces Stress


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Miguel Bruns Alonso, an Industrial Design PhD student from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, came up with the idea of creating an anti-stress pen.

According to the inventor, the prototype pen is able to spot short-term stress in a person that uses it and then reduce some of that stress.

The device identifies stress when it is being fidgeted with. As soon as the anti-stress pen detects fidgeting, it gets the person to stop.

Alonso carried out several tests and noticed that people are likely to play with their pens when they nervous. He equipped his invention with motion sensors. These are used to identify nervous movement and when that happens, the built-in magnets create a counterweight effect, which makes it difficult for the user to move the pen.

After testing the anti-stress pen on different people, it was unveiled that those who used the pen had their heart rate 5 percent lower than those who didn't. No one in the study group was aware of the anti-stress pen, reports TUDelft.

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