Wednesday, 09 Nov, 2011 Technology

Latest Invention: Philips InstantTurst - New-Gen UV Water Purifier


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Today the market features a number of products that make use of ultraviolet light to get rid of various microorganisms in drinking water. Some of these devices are used on the water after the user has dispensed the water, which means that you have to wait some time before drinking it, while others are rather uncomfortable due to their large size.

Philips Lighting has recently presented a new-generation device for cleaning water. The company presented a compact UV water disinfection apparatus called InstantTrust.

According to the developer, the device kills bacteria instantly. It can be used anywhere and it works effectively at any water temperature and at flow rates of up to 4 liters per minute.

Currently the company offers very little information on its invention (including the price), but it says that InstantTrust could be used on taps, water pitches, under-the-sink filters or counter-top systems, reports The Verge.

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