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Latest Invention: Pico Projector for Smartphones and Tablets of the Near Future


The teamwork of STMicroelectronics and bTendo led to creation of what the companies characterize as the "world's smallest" focus-free embedded pico projector that could be used for smartphones and tablets of the future.

It would be interesting to note that the projector is less than 2.5 cubic centimeters in volume and below 6 millimeters high. It generates sharp images that boast a resolution that surpasses the resolution of images produced by today's pico devices.

This is how it works: the embedded platform features 2 MEMS-based micro-mirror-actuation devices incorporated in the system's optical engine, together with an advanced video-processing chip, low power consumption and integrated support for MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface).

Dana Gross, the bTendo CEO, says that projector will make it possible for the users to show high-resolution movie clips and images on nearly any surface.

"Adding projection capabilities into mobile devices will enable users to easily share their media with others - any place, on any surface, at any time," added Gross.

The latest invention from STMicroelectronics and bTendo will soon be presented at MWC 2011 in Barcelona, Spain, reports TGDaily.

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