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Latest Invention: Polaris 9300xi Sport Poolbot - Robot that Cleans Your Pool


Those who are tired of cleaning pools will definitely like the Polaris 9300xi Sport Poolbot, a robot that effectively cleans pools from underwater scum.

The remote sensing device is equipped with the latest technology that allows it to do the job better than any cleaner boy.

It is worth mentioning that Polaris is the work of Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc, a company that focuses on products for pool and spa. The Moorpark-based firm has used its rich experience in developing pool cleaners to create the Polaris 9300 sport poolbot that boasts a number of impressive features.

The device can be customized to work non-stop for 6 hours. It can work in automatic mode or with the help of user friendly IntelliNav remote. By using a remote sensing system, the user can maneuver the robot to clean particular spots.

Polaris 9300 sport poolbot includes an extra-large filter canister. With the help of advanced Vortex Vacuum technology, the poobot is able to suck a large amount of debris in a rather short amount of time.

Due to the fact that the device features sturdy blades and brushes, it can efficiently clean not only the floor, but also the walls of the pool and even the tile linings.

Because of its specially designed aqua-trac wheels, the robot can move and climb along the pool sides and steps with ease, reports Engadget.

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