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Latest Invention: Polaroid Z2300 - New Compact Camera with Built-In Printer


Kodak has recently unveiled a new series of digital cameras, one which is called Polaroid Z2300. The device offers the same instant picture capabilities that the earlier Polaroid models did. However, it is equipped with the latest technology.

It would be interesting to note that the Z2300 boasts a built-in printer that can spit out a 2x3-inch photograph in less than a minute.

The camera was unveiled at this year's CEA Line Show in New York.

The printing of imaged is possible thanks to an ink-free Zero Ink (ZINK) printing technology. It allows producing full color hard copy prints with the help of heat that activates cyan, yellow, and magenta dye crystals incorporated in layers within the ZINK paper.

Due to the fact that the ZINK paper is covered by a protective outer polymer coating, the images that come out are both UV and moisture resistant. In addition, these photos are smudge-proof and thus long lasting.

It would also be interesting to note that the latest advances in technology made it possible for the developers to create a rather compact device that not only features an incorporated printer, but is also equipped with a 10-megapixel camera and a 3-inch LCD color display.

There's also a 32 GB of internal storage and an SD card slot that allows extending memory up to 32 GB.

The user can also shoot HD video that they can view on the rear display and listed to the sound with the help of built-in speaker. Images can be cropped without connecting the device to the PC. The company made the camera available in two colors, black and white.

The shipping will start this August, with the camera wearing a price tag of $159.99. Fifty-sheet packs of 2x3-inch ZINK paper will be available for $24.99, while 30-sheet packs for $14.99.

[via Polaroid]

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