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Latest Invention: Portable Hydrogen Generator


The first invention of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies that attracted a lot of attention was the company's hydrogen-powered toy car, which was launched in 2006. Now the company came up with something that can truly become revolutionary. Its latest invention is the world's first portable desktop hydrogen generator, which has recently been presented at CES.

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies named its latest invention HYDROFILL. The company's new gadget can collect power from a power supply, solar panel or a wind turbine. Thus it will be able to extract hydrogen from its water tank in automatic mode.

The hydrogen that was produced takes a solid form and is afterwards stored in small refillable cartridges that include metallic alloys that soak up hydrogen into their crystalline structure. After being acquired, the hydrogen is discharged at low pressure.

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies believes that its latest invention represents the first step towards the development of a technology that would allow refueling fuel cell electric vehicles.

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//2 Oct 14, 2011 02:41 PM | posted by: Jimmy Dave Russell jr
Whats the power measure-up if you power a hydrogen generator with the power it puts out,the excessive power being enough to power the worlds biggest Diesel engine at 200 barrels of diesel oil a day.Focus on Big fuel wasters.Also Power grids take 40% of wind turbines profits plus cost farmers power lines to run.Congradulations,Call Pure Energy,Tell the CEO Electric Motor Winder said hi.He needs this for his corporation.
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//1 Feb 28, 2011 05:31 PM | posted by: walshak philemon
the latest technology is very wonderful indeed, except that we in the developing Nations do not get a touch on these latest technologies. recently, i have been trying to make a generator that will run on its own. I tried to use an electric motor with an alternator. The alternator is to power the motor, while the motor will in turn rotate the alternator. I do not Know if it will work. Please i need some form of help. I write from Nigeria. Thank you

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