Thursday, 06 Oct, 2011 Technology

Latest Invention: Portable Solar-Powered Charger for Your Vehicle


Sometimes (if not quite often), when you're on the road, your cell phone battery runs out of power. If you consider yourself environmentally-conscious then the cigarette lighter is not the best option to charge the phone.

With this in mind Quirky invented a solar-powered charger dubbed Ray, which captures the sun's rays to charge your portable devices.

The gadget has a powerful suction cup and comes with a kickstand that helps the driver change Ray's angle so it could collect the maximum possible amount of sunlight.

In addition, the device features an onboard battery that stores energy which can be used to fully charge a standard handset.

You can connect various devices to the plastic charger, because it is equipped with a USB port. The LED indicator light informs the driver about battery status.

Due to the fact that the gadget is small, it can be used not only in a vehicle but virtually anywhere - in a plane, at home or office.

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