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Latest Invention: Power-Grid from ROCCAT Studios Transforms Smartphone into PC Gaming Control Pad


ROCCAT Studios, the German developer of gaming peripherals, has come up with a new system that makes use of smartphone technology in order to bring the PC gaming experience to a new level.

The Power-Grid technology allows the gamer to use their handset as control pad with gameplay buttons. It also makes it possible to wirelessly control PC settings from the smartphone, show information on vital system performance, and connect to the real world while playing favorite video games.

The system is composed of 2 parts. Firstly the user has to download a free application that presents them four control grids. The latter are loaded from tabs found at the bottom of the phone's touchscreen. The tab the user will see on the left is dubbed the Incoming Center grid. It directs all outside voice and text messages to the handset's display. Thus the player knows what's going on in the real world while carry on playing the game.

The tab showing Stats Control grid offers the gamer vital data on the gaming PC, such as CPU status, free HDD space, available system memory and network traffic. All of this information does not occupy a lot of space on the gaming PC screen.

With the help of the third tab, the user has the possibility to access the Sound Control grid for fine tuning the audio in the video game.

The fourth block allows the gamer to create preferable gaming buttons and controls, like game-specific macros.

The second part involves connecting your smartphone to the gaming PC, it is required that the user downloads the free Power-Grid Launcher from ROCCAT's website and then load the launcher onto the PC. The application provides wireless connection between the handset and the computer. The communication is made via the PC's WLAN connection.

To offer the most useful way of using a smartphone as gaming control pad, the company will launched specially-designed hardware that will hit the market by the end of the year.

Among other works there's Project Phobo, which represents a gaming keyboard with incorporated smartphone dock. The device will not only help the gamer use the phone as control pad but will also play the role of charger.

[via ROCCAT]

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