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Latest Invention: Power Outlet that Identifies Plugged-In Gadgets and Users


The tech giant Sony has come up with a new type of power outlet that is able to identify gadgets that are plugged in it and people that use the outlet.

According to Sony, its technology will allow users to control the power usage of their devices and thus switch off the unimportant ones in case of limited power supply.

Dubbed Authentication Power Outlet, the invention relies on the company's FeliCa technology that represents a contactless RFID smart card system created to be used in electronic payment systems.

Here's how it works: when the user plugs the device in, a built-in FeliCa Lite chip transmits data about the electrical device to an incorporated reader/writer found in the outlet. A wireless antenna helps the plug and outlet to communicate.

It would be interesting to note that Sony is also working on another version that will allow exchange information via the power cable.

So far the Japanese firm hasn't decided when to launch its latest invention onto the market.

[via DigInfo.TV]

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