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Latest Invention: Powertex - Fabric that Allows Users to Charge Laptops and Cell Phones


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A team of 4 students from Aalborg University in Denmark managed to create a nanotechnology-powered smart fabric that allows users to charge their cell phones and laptops by simply placing the gadgets on the fabric.

Hans Christian Thiesen, Mads Gydegaard, Morten Ydefeldt and Marius Koppang called their invention Powertex. It would be interesting to note that the fabric ca be included in table covers and mats.

During a meeting the fabric can be placed on the table. Thus guests will have the possibility to charge their gadgets while having a cup of tea. The fabric can also be used in airports and trains, where people will simply have to place it on a seat and recharge their gadgets.

The students said that their goal was to create a cell phone and computer recharging cord-and-adaptor-free.

It is worth mentioning that the Powertex fabric technology won the top prize at the popular Future Textiles International Prize Competition 2011 at TEKO Design + Business, VIA University College, in Herning Denmark.

If you want to learn more about this technology watch the video below.

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