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Latest Invention: Printing Dress - Garment Made of Paper and Equipped with Displays


Asta Roseway, Senior Research Designer at Microsoft Research together with User Experience Designer from P10 Incubations/Xbox Sheridan Martin Small managed to create what they call the "Printing Dress".

The high-tech frock was created with the goal of studying the influence of wearable text on fashion.

It would be interesting to note that the invention was made entirely of paper. It allows the wearer to type out their thoughts (with the text appearing on the skirt) and use them as public art.

The dress is composed of three main parts: bodice, corset and skirt. Designers also decided to equip the dress with a custom keyboard, incorporated in a way to look like a vintage typewriter. The keyboard makes it possible for the user to sent different massages to the skirt that also plays the role of a display.

Other technical features of the dress include:

- 4 LilyPad Arduino boards;

- USB hub;

- laptop;

- capacitive keyboard;

- solid and stranded wire;

- short-throw projector.

When the wearer presses a key, the signal is transmitted to the laptop that afterwards shows the character as animated text.

[via Electricfoxy]

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