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Latest Invention: Printrbot - Budget-friendly 3D Printer for Starters


Those who are just starting experimenting with 3D printing technology should check out the device created by Brook Drumm.

Dubbed Printrbot, the inexpensive 3D printer is rather simple to assemble and use. One will need just about 45 minutes to assemble the printer and get printed objects in about 2 hours. All in all, the gadget represents a great solution for users that want to get acknowledged with 3D printing, while having a limited budget.

Drumm began his project on Kickstarter, soliciting $25,000 in funding. In the end he was able to accumulate $830,000 worth of interest.

The introductory printer costs $549, while the larger model wears a price tag of $699. In addition, the inventor offers a limited-run, $399 "junior" printer.

Check out the video below to see the 3D printer in action.

[via Printrbot]

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