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Latest Invention: PYGMY - Robot Rings that Take Communication Between Human and Robot to a New Level


Scientists at Keio University are famous for delivering ground breaking innovations in the fields of communication. They use technology that is already available on the market in a variety of different ways, bringing communication between human and machine to new stages.

One of their brainchildren is called PYGMY. The invention was unveiled by Masayasu Ogata (Anzai Imai Lab) at the Interaction 2012 Conference that took place in Tokyo last week.

The PYGMY project involves robot rings that cam express emotion and deliver an improved interaction between human and robot by engaging a small display solenoid connected to the ring. Besides, using the device is also a lot of fun.

In the images you can see that the screen displays a blinking eye. The robotic device can be controlled remotely using a special controller or a handset with a pre-installed app.

Ogata demoed a number of features that PYGMY can provide, including games, voice recognition, finger walking and kicking.

It is worth mentioning that the user can easily customize the robot ring displays with various figures, designs, or configurations. A robot ring has an electronics pack that features an Arduino processor, battery, and Bluetooth module.

[via Robots Dreams]

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