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Latest Invention: Q2 Cube - Revolutionary Dial-free Internet Radio


The latest invention from Armour Group comes after the company decided to work together with Cambridge Consultants. Recently Armour presented the Q2 Cube, which is a new-generation internet radio that is going to be demonstrated at IFA Berlin in the period between the 4th and 9th September 2009.

There are four pre-selected radio stations and user can choose one by simply turning the Cube onto one of the four faces. There's a fifth face that can be used to turn up or down the volume by tilting the Q2 Cube forwards of back. Users can select the stations with the help of an online account on their home computer and then place the Cube anywhere in the house and enjoy favorite music.

The Fall of 2009 will see the launch of Armour's latest invention, which is based on a prototype for the first time developed by Cambridge Consultants at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, informs Cambridge Network. You can read more on latest inventions here at www.InfoNIAC.com - check the links at the bottom of the story.

In regard to their latest invention Kevin Taylor, E-Commerce and Marketing Director at Armour, stated: "The revolutionary user interface caught our attention. Having agreed to commercialize the technology, it was Cambridge Consultants' expertise in developing low cost wireless platforms that helped us get the product to market so quickly."

According to Duncan Smith, Head of Consumer at Cambridge Consultants, they worked together with Armour's manufacturers and experts in technical product development. The latest invention from Armour and Cambridge Consultants will allow visitors of IFA 2009 in Berlin to get in touch with a new-gen internet radio.

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