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Latest Invention: Quick Food Radiation Testing Tech Examines Rice from Fukushima


The latest creation from Fuji Electric is called the Food Radiation Testing System. It is able to quickly scan and estimate radioactive cesium levels by placing objects on a conveyor belt.

When examining 30kg sacks of rice, the system needs just 10 seconds per sack to measure it. There's no need of specialized knowledge and the system can show promising results even when food is still in cardboard boxes.

With the new system measurement is not influenced by radiation from outside. It features a shadow shield, which puts radioactive cesium in the environment off from influencing the sensor directly. Thus the system can measure cesium from the rice sack alone.

This system can measure cesium 134 and 137. Besides, depending on the setting, the system can also measure radioiodine (iodine 131), a radioisotope of iodine that has a short half-life.

This fall, the company looks forward to releasing systems that measure other foods in addition to rice.

Fukushima already possesses of 50 machines, which will soon come into full operation.

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