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Latest Invention: Quicktionary TS Premium - Device that Scans Words and Instantly Translates Them


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Wizcom Technologies, one of the leading companies that specialize in personal, portable, scanning dictionaries, reading Pens and scanning Pens, has recently unveiled its latest invention called the Quicktionary TS Premium.

The device represents a pen-like gadget with built-in word and phrase dictionary that scans words written in a book or magazine and instantly translates them. The translation is provided on a small five line, monochrome LCD touchscreen display that measures 2.4 x 0.8-inch (61 x 20mm) and has a resolution of 208 x 65 pixels.

The Quicktionary also features a built-in speaker that allows the user to learn how to pronounce the scanned text.

According to the company, its latest invention was developed for people working in multilingual environments. The Quicktionary is powered by AAA batteries.

In addition, the device has a stylus for manual input of specific words on a virtual keyboard.

Wizcom Technologies mentioned that its dictionary/scanner can provide instant translation of single words or a full line of text. Besides, the dictionary includes slang, idioms, phrases and inflections.

Currently the device supports 45 languages - it can offer American and British English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and even Hebrew translation. Each dictionary boasts more than 300,000 words and expressions. The gadget has a slot for 4, 8 or 16MB flash cards. The users will also be able to transfer the scanned content to a Windows PC, reports Gizmag.

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