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Latest Invention: Rechargeable Digital Magnifier


Over the past several years digital magnifiers gained popularity on the electronics market. At the same time these devices had several drawbacks, including uncomfortable design and extremely high costs. In addition, they were made using unsustainable materials.

Considering all of the upper mentioned issues, a designer decided to create a device called Easy Read, which helps visually impaired to read text with ease, being ergonomic and inexpensive if compared to its counterparts that are available on the market today.

The designer does not reveal his name, but says that he was able to improve some of the main features of digital magnifiers after making some studies of these devices.

He was able to design a better handle and arrange buttons in a way to make it easier to use the device. Thus he was able to solve the problem of wrist pain that occurred when the digital magnifier has been used for a long time.

Another problem that the designer had to solve was the cost, which ranged between several hundred to a couple of thousands of dollars. He made several technological adjustments and the final result was a sleek gadget that can be used by virtually any person.

The new device has its case made of aluminum, but probably the most interesting feature is a longer display that fits an entire sentence of any text, making it easier to read for visually impaired.

Besides, Easy Read is rechargeable, which means that no batteries are required and thus the user will be able to save more money.

[via James Dyson Award]

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