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Latest Invention: ReWalk - New Robotic Exoskeleton that Allows Paraplegics to Walk and Even Climb Stairs


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Amit Goffer, the man who founded the Argo Medical Technologies, recently presented an innovative exoskeleton that helps paraplegics to walk.

Dubbed ReWalk, the device represents a special suit equipped with sensors and servomechanisms that make use of simple body motions to help those afflicted with paraplegia to stand and even climb stairs.

With the help of belted crutches, the bionic device shows better balance. It also incorporates motorized leg supports and a backpack featuring a computerized control box and rechargeable batteries.

The person wearing ReWalk can use a remote control wristband to manage the whole system. It allows the user to stand, sit, walk, descend and climb. When the wearer leans forward they turn on the system. The movement signals body sensors that activate the bionic legs.

After the trials carried out on spinal injury patients in Italy, researchers found that in order to learn to use the system properly, a person needs about 10 hours.

It would be interesting to note that the invention also caught the attention of the UK military that look forward to using the device to help injured soldiers, reports Inhabitat.

In addition, the companies plans to launch a commercial version of the ReWalk later this year and it will have a price tag of GBP50,000 ($81,995).

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