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Latest Invention: RoboPutt- Robotic Vending Machine that Give Golf Lessons


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Meet RoboPutt, a vending machine that will offer 5 minute lessons for everyone willing to learn to play golf. The cost for one lesson is $5.

The robotic vending machine does all the motions for the user, the latter only having to hold the golf club. Thus RoboPutt helps users build muscle memory so they can later repeat the swing during real games.

It is worth mentioning that the vending machine was developed for golf clubs and shops. The user will be able to record their personal data and current putting stroke by using a small device called DiGi. This device attaches to the shaft of the user's putter.

After the device is attached the user plays several 100 feet putts until they obtain the necessary swing (because DiGi represents a self contained device the user can easily take it out onto the greens).

The device is afterwards removed and it wirelessly sends information on the stroke to the RoboPutt computer. Then the user fixes their own putter to the vending machine and selects a course that features 10 progressive lessons with various tips and advices offered through a pair of headsets.

The personal data, as well as the information on the user's stroke and progress are introduced on a magnetic card, which allows the user to practice on any robotic vending machine, reports Gizmag.

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