Wednesday, 23 Mar, 2011 Technology

Latest Invention: Robot Follows Voice Commands to Bring the Desired Food


Researchers around the world are continuously working on robots to make them not only entertaining but useful as well. There are robots that can cook, help soldiers in battlefields and deliver things.

For about 5 years Japanese firm called Secom has been selling a machine that helps in eating by simply pressing buttons to choose a certain dish from the plate to feed.

However, one of the most interesting robots presented recently in the one developed by Isao Wakabayashi, an undergraduate from Chukyo University, Japan.

He managed to come up with a robot that could assist in eating when the user gives voice commands.

It is worth mentioning that Wakabayashi decided to install advanced picture processing software that would help the robot identify the voice command, pick you the desired food and bring it on the plate to the user. The invention could be very useful among people with physical disabilities, reports IEEE Spectrum.

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