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Latest Invention: Robot Hand for Tele-Handshaking Delivers the Grip Force, Body Temperature and Touch of the Real Person


A team of scientists from the Osaka University is working on a robot hand that could be used for tele-handshaking.

The idea is that in traditional video-conferencing systems it is sometimes even hard to see life-sized images of people involved in communication and the robot hand is meant to solve the issue. It allows people to shake hands at a distance, thus offering a sense of presence.

During the trials the robot hand was able to reproduce 3 of the most important features of a real person's hand, i.e. texture, body temperature and grip force.

The elasticity of human skin was achieved with the help of silicone rubber and sponge. These also help simulate the underlying muscle structure. With the help of a film heater, Japanese researchers managed to reproduce the temperature of the body.

It is worth mentioning that skin temperature is usually around 32 degrees C. However, researchers decided to set the robot hand's temperature at 37 degrees C. Thus people are able to feel that the hand is as warm as a real person.

The hand is expected to be used on tele-presence robots.

[via DigInfo]

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