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Latest Invention: Robot Mannequin from Fits.Me to Help Women Shopping Online


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A company called Fits.Me has recently presented the robot mannequin in a female form that helps women pick online clothes with the right size for them.

Last year the company developed a male robot mannequin but thought about expanding to females too.

Now women have the possibility to observe how clothes look like on their body. It all functions like an online trial room service. The technology can also be used by online retailers as a plug-in.

The invention is meant to solve the problem linked with the impossibility to try the clothes a user wishes to purchase online.

It would be interesting to note that the female robot mannequin can take hundreds of female body shapes, helping about 85 percent of all female buyers.

To use the robot the customer only has to enter their height, bust, waist and other measurements online. The robot instantly takes the shape according to the provided measurements, repots Cnet.

After adopting the new technology, Hawes and Curtis, clothes retailers from Britain, stated that their sales registered an increase of 57 percent.

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