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Latest Invention: Robot that Can Ride a Bicycle, Balancing and Correcting Itself


Sometimes riding a bike is a tough challenge, which makes it even more interesting to see a robot do the same task. Interested in artificial intelligence, inventor Masahiko Yamaguchi came up with a miniature remote-controlled robot able to ride a small bicycle.

The robot can pedal using its feet and keep balance by adjusting handlebars. In order to make a machine capable of making corrections to avoid falling over, the inventor developed a control board with a SH7125 CPU core. He also fitted the design with a Tamagawa Seiki TAG201 gyroscope.

The balancing action of the small robot is controlled by a proportional-integral-derivative controller (PID). The developer explains that the PID control helps estimate how far to turn the handlebars when the frame tilts.

"Also, the robot needs to decide which direction to go in, so we use a remote control to instruct it," Yamaguchi added.

In the video below you can see the miniature robot pedaling:

[via DigiInfo]

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