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Latest Invention: Robot that Helps Tackle Pirates


With a bothering problem of piracy at the sea these days, more companies are hiring specialist to secure their ships. Nevertheless the problem still persists, with pirates continuously attacking vessels and tourists using not only AKs by also such weapons as grenade launchers.

The data offered by the International Maritime Bureau (IMB), show that in the first 3 months of 2011 there were a 142 attacks carried out around the globe. During these attacks 18 ships were hijacked, 344 people were taken hostage and 6 people were kidnapped for ransom.

Large vessels that carry flammable materials like oil and different chemicals are in particular vulnerable to firearm assaults.

With this in mind specialists at ReconRobotics managed to come up with a robot that can help in tackling pirates. Being the size of a beer can, the machine can be fired using cannon so it would stick to a vessel magnetically and climb up onto the deck.

Then the robot launches a probe that can be remotely controlled and used to observe the situation on the ship with the help of an infrared camera. With its help, specialists will know the location of pirates and hostages.

It is worth mentioning that this robot is based on the company's another machine called Throwbot, which was developed in collaboration with the Navy labs. The robot is now being used by US Navy Seals.

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