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Latest Invention: Robot that Writes Prescriptions and Doles Out Drugs


Japanese tech giant Panasonic recently unveiled its latest invention - a robot able to distribute drugs to patients. In addition, according to a Japanese online news source, the robot will have the ability to complete prescriptions. Nikkei Net reports that Panasonic's latest invention will hit the market in a few months.

To be able to write prescriptions and dole out drugs, engineers will connect the machine to electronic medical online records. Thus the robot will scuttle across Japanese hospitals and pick prescriptions for the patients. For the past several years Japanese researchers managed to create a wide range of robots that are already helping people around the world; at infoniac.com you can find more news on robots and a wide list of latest inventions.

According to Nikkei, the robot will need 2 hours to complete the whole job in a hospital with 400 beds. It is worth mentioning that in general it takes about 4 hours for a skilled pharmacist to do the same job, reports TG Daily.

Panasonic looks forward to sell its latest invention in Europe and the United States as well. Besides, the company has plans to create other medical robots.

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