Wednesday, 23 Sep, 2009 Technology

Latest Invention: Robot Tiles that Create Infinite Walking Surface


Once again the Japanese amaze the public with their latest inventions in robotics. This time it's the robotic blocks able to automatically identify where a person is walking and place themselves in their front before the individual makes another step. The blocks provide an infinite walking surface.

This latest invention is credited to Hiroo Iwata, a professor at the University of Tsukuba, who named his blocks Robot Tiles. It is worth mentioning that each tile is wrapped in Kuralon EC that represents a touch-sensitive conductive fabric able to identify pressure from a person's feet, thus calculating the position of the next step.

The system uses ultrasonic sensors in order to convey the position and direction of each tile back to a central computer, which, in its turn, transmits the information on where to go next to the tiles, reports You can find more interesting inventions here at - feel free to check the links at the bottom of the story.

Currently the latest invention of Mr. Iwata doesn't have any useful applications, but the inventor says that the Robot Tiles could be used to make infinite walking surface for different virtual reality applications.

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