Monday, 24 Sep, 2012 Technology

Latest Invention: Robotic Cart that Searches for Sunlight to Help Houseplants Grow


Everyone knows that plants are in need of water and light to be able to grow. However, a lot of homes lack sunny spots where plants can be placed.

With this in mind Belgian sculptor Stephen Verstraete managed to create an ideal solution - he simply placed his houseplants on robotic carts that robotically search for the sun, cruising around the house.

According to the inventor, the robot plant movers are made from several main components: a recycled toy electric car, a light sensitive photo transistor and a pair of ICs. Together with a few additional parts, the whole project was rather cheap, costing just US$10.

For the inspired one, Verstraete made a guide on how to build robotic carts. On his website he included a list of all parts and circuit layout.

[via TreeHugger]

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