Thursday, 05 Jan, 2012 Technology

Latest Invention: Robotic Mechanism that Brings Stuffed Toys to Life


A team of engineers from Keyo University and the University of Tokyo decided to bring stuffed toys to life and developed a special movement for this purpose.

Dubbed PINOKY, the mechanism is part of the Igarashi Design Interface Project. All that one needs to do is to snap the ring around the limb (or other part) of a stuffed toy and it will come to life.

The PINOKY rings work wirelessly, and the user can control the toy remotely. In addition, it is possible to teach the rings the right motions by adjusting the limbs of the toy manually using the recording mode and then playing back the sequence.

It would be interesting to note that each ring features a micro-controller, a ZigBee microchip that is used for radio frequency connectivity, a lithium-polymer battery, a servomotor, a photoreflector (used to estimate the angle at which the joint is bent), and two magnetic clasps.

Take a look at the video below to the how the device works.

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