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Latest Invention: Robotic Vehicle that Helps Get Rid of Land Mines


Statistics from UNICEF show that today there are more than 110 million live hand mines located in the soil worldwide. These mines were left from different conflicts that took place several decades ago.

Surely a lot of specialists are working on the issue and in order to help them the DIGGER DTR's D-3 robotic vehicle was developed.

The machine can be remotely controlled from a distance of up to 500 meters (1,640 feet), though the developers recommend controlling the machine from a distance between 50 and 300 meters.

D-3 robotic vehicle is able to trigger mines with the help of either a chain flail or tile attachment. It can trigger mines that are buried in the soil up to 25 centimeters (9.8 in). A portable blast shield was also mounted to protect the operator from flying shrapnel.

In addition, the robotic vehicle is able to clear debris using standard attachments like shovels or forks.

The entire body of the vehicle is steel-plated. The DIGGER DTR D-3 also has a V-shaped undercarriage, developed to draw away the power of explosions out to either side. Its heart is a John Deere diesel engine that generates 173 horsepower.

Its clearance rate is 1,000 square meters (10,764 square feet) per hour.

[via Digger]

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