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Latest Invention: Robotic Zen Table Imitates Japanese Zen Garden


A Japanese rock garden known as "Zen" includes an area of sand that serves as a symbol of the sea, ocean, rivers or lakes. For those who work at the office the small Zen Table was created. Now it is possible to relax and clear your mind without having to arrange a real dry landscape garden.

With Zen Table one can arrange into patterns the alternative of sand. The device was created by Simon Hallam, an inventor from San Clemente. His creation represents a table equipped with a Japanese rock garden and covered up with a tempered glass. However, the difference from the real Zen garden is that this one does not have any rocks. The latter are replaced by a layer of microscopic silicone beads.

Just under the beads there's a sculpting head connected to a robotic mechanism powered by electric motors. The motors move the head along the X- and Y-axes in order to create various patterns and images.

The table is made from FSC certified renewable bamboo and includes an SD card slot that allows uploading the programs to draw patterns or images into the sand. It can also be controlled a computer via USB.

To get the small Zen table you should spend $749 and in if you want a full-sized Zen Coffee Table, which will be launched along with the simple Zen table, then prepare to pay $4,999. According to Hallan, the technology used in the Zen table allows building a similar table into bars, desks in hotel lobbies or resorts.

[via Kickstarter]

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