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Latest Invention: Rukus Solar Boombox from Eton – Listen to Your Favorite Songs for Hours


Check out this Rukus Solar boombox developed by Eton. The device represents a portable, wireless sound system that harnesses solar energy.

You only have to connect a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, laptop, tablet PC or other devices with a built-in music player with the boombox and you get the possibility to listen to your favorite music wirelessly for hours.

Rukus Solar requires 6 hours to fully charge and offers 8 hours of non-stop play. It features a handle that allows users to carry it anywhere. It is also possible to tote the device on your shoulder.

Another interesting feature is the ability to connect your phone to the device via USB and charge the handset. The E-Ink display on the Rukus Solar is very easy to read. The gadget come is three colors: black, green and white, and is available for $150.

[via HiConsumption]

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