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Latest Invention: Self-Healing iPhone Case from Nissan


Recently Nissan announced it managed to develop the world's first self-healing iPhone case that utilizes the Scratch Shield paint.

It is worth mentioning that together with the University of Tokyo and Advanced Softmaterials Inc. Nissan created the Scratch Shield paint finish for vehicles. Today it can be seen on Nissan Murano, 370Z and X-Trail and the Infinity cars.

Currently the company is using its invention to create self-healing iPhone cases, which is for the first time in Europe.

It would be interesting to note that the paint is made from polyrotaxane, the chemical structure of which allows it to change back to the initial shape and fill the gap the appears from a scratch. In about an hour the material can heal a small scratch, whereas large scratches disappear in about a week.

At the moment Nissan carries out trials of its invention and if the results are promising the company will launch its iPhone case onto the market later this year.

[via Gizmag]

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