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Latest Invention: Self-tuning Dark Fire Guitar from Gibson


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One of the most famous guitar makers, Gibson, has come up with a new invention - a self-tuning guitar called Dark Fire. The guitar is able to reach a perfect pitch in about 3 seconds.

The Dark Fire looks represents an improved version of Gibson's earlier developed "robot guitar," but it has one significant improvement - the new guitar features a self-tuning system with extra factory presets, allowing as much as sixteen alternate tunings. By making use of the new feature, the guitar player will have the possibility to get more set of chords from Dark Fire in just seconds.

In addition, the new invention from Gibson includes an onboard tone control function, which allows the player to imitate different guitar tones like the Texas blues or heavy metal. The instrument is rather pricey, being available for $3,477.

Dark Fire is powered by a rechargeable battery, which the player can juice up via the input jack. The guitar is mostly made of carbon fiber. Currently there is no information on the number of Dark Fires Gibson sold. According to the company, its new version of self-tuning guitar, the Dusk Tiger, is going to be released on December 7.

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