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Latest Invention: Shoes That Communicate With Your Mobile Phone


An Arizona-based company recently presented its latest invention - insoles with pressure sensors that provide data wirelessly to a mobile phone that is in close proximity.

ESoles Inc., with headquarters in Scottsdale, developed prototype insoles with pressure sensors that transmit their data wirelessly to any phone located nearby and a special application on the phone then provides information about the level of pressure a person is applying in 11 different parts of each sole.

It is worth mentioning that such system has been used to study the technique of the U.S. Olympic BMX team.

According to Glen Hinshaw, founder of eSoles, who is also a former professional cyclist, this latest invention helped cyclists to understand how to apply maximum power to the bicycle pedals out of the gate. Besides, the system can also be used to study a golf swing or skiing posture, he said.

But the system may not only be applied to sports. The company looks forward to use the insoles with sensors in games. Currently it is trying a jump rope game. The idea of the game is to time jumps to the rope that appears on the screen of a mobile phone.

"If you leave one leg on the ground and you're only lifting the other foot, the jump rope stops, because it's not clearing your foot," explained Hinshaw.

In addition, the company has the idea of using its latest invention in medical field. For example, the insoles can help in signaling diabetes patients who lost feeling in their feet about the potential risk of injury from too much pressure, reports MSNBC.

According to Hinshaw, he looks forward to make limited trial version of its product in July and make it fully commercial later this year. It is expected that the initial price for the invention will be about $300. However, the price could later be brought under $50.

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