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Latest Invention: Skateboard Controlled Using Kinect and Tablet Powered by Windows 8


A team of engineers from Austin, Texas, managed to come up with an electric skateboard that is equipped with Microsoft's Kinect and a Samsung tablet powered by Windows 8. With such technology onboard, the The Board of Awesomeness (as it was dubbed) boasts combined video and speech recognition location and information on current location.

The rider can choose between slow, medium of fast speed, with the maximum speed being 32mph. when the user pushes their hand forward, they tell the Kinect to make the skateboard go faster and when to do the opposite the user has to pull hands back.

To activate the device the user has to raise their hands, thus sending a signal to the device Kinect, then wait for the red dots to appear on the hands and that's it, they're ready to go.

Here's how the whole system works: the Kinect device send's the gestures and motions of the user to the tablet that is mounted at the top of the board. Samsung's device, which plays the role of the central brain of the board, then does all the rest.

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