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Latest Invention: Smart Bed from OHEA Can Make Itself


OHEA, Spanish firm that focuses in making furniture, has recently unveiled its self-making "smart-bed" that can automatically tide the sheet and pillows right after you stand up.

It would be interesting to note that the Smart Bed from OHEA represents a rather simple concept, based on the fact that making the bed everyday is really an exercise in sheet straightening.

In case the bed is made with this in mind, the whole process of making the bed becomes really easy. The key of the bed lies in its specially-made pillows and sheet. The former are attached by cords to a special mechanism located in the headboard, while the latter is attached to the foot of the bed with Velcro and features cords sewn into lateral sides.

The weight sensor incorporated in the bed starts the whole bed-making process. As long as someone is sleeping on the bed, the sensor is deactivated, but when the sleeper rises, the bed waits 3 seconds and then turns on.

According to the developer, the bed's weight sensor immediately stops the mechanism as soon as it detects that someone just sat on it. Thus you don't have to worry that your cat or dog might get caught in the mechanism.

Check out the video below to see the bed in action.

[via OHEA]

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